3 Ways to Increase the Market Value of Your Gold Jewelry

Posted on: 26 May 2020

Whether you plan on selling the 19th-century gold pendant inherited from your grandmother or the boho-chic gold earrings handcrafted by the now-famous designer, record gold prices make it a good time to sell your gold jewelry. Although the gold jewelry market supply is high, when gold prices soar, investors inevitably start clamoring for the physical asset. 

Having your jewelry certified by an appraiser who is an accredited member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers will raise its value. Complying with the following new social and custody certifications could also improve the appraisal value when you sell gold jewelry. 

1. Chain of Custody 

Do you know the provenance of your gold jewelry? Can you prove it? The chain of custody of gold, diamond, fine art work, and other goods is now being tracked on the blockchain. The transparent digital ledger provides a trackable audit trail. If you want to know the gold mine from which your gold was sourced, the entire gold supply chain has been placed on the blockchain from mining through to the retail of gold jewelry. 

The buyer may still happily purchase your gold jewelry, but it will be valued higher if you have proof of provenance. The Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) also provides Chain of Custody certification.

2. Socially Responsible Sourcing

The chain of custody can also tell buyers whether or not the gold was responsibly sourced. The pawnbroker will not be concerned with whether the manufacturer of your gold jewelry sourced the gold from a miner who runs fair trade gold mines. 

If your gold jewelry is made by a luxury brand or famous artisanal designer, non-sustainable sourcing practices could hurt their reputation and the value of your gold jewelry. Fair trade certified gold is selling for higher prices. 

3. Lab-grown Gold

Because lab-grown gold and diamonds do not involve mining, they are growing in popularity. Is lab-grown jewelry a good investment? Lab-grown gold is cheaper than naturally sourced gold. However, the resale value is less certain because the historical price information is sparse. Jewelry made of natural resources like metals and gemstones is more likely to hold its value as an investment. Because of the increase in lab-grown jewelry, gold certification is becoming more important to improve authenticity. 

Before you sell gold jewelry, evaluate how social, custody, and other certifications could increase its value. Consider reaching out to gold buyers to learn more about the process.