Important Points To Consider Before Agreeing To Post A Friend's Bail Bond

Posted on: 26 October 2020

In many instances, friendship is measured by whether or not you can depend on someone to have your back in times of trouble, as you would also have theirs. However, when the phone rings late at night and the caller is a friend who has just been arrested for driving under the influence, for example, posting their bond may end up straining the friendship instead of helping. 

If you have just been asked to post a bail bond for a friend charged with DUI, here are some important points to consider before you agree to their request. 

Can you trust your friend to abide by the terms of the bail bond? 

The first consideration is whether your friend can be trusted to abide by all the terms of the bail bond. If they fail to meet every term, the bail bond can be revoked and you, the poster, can be held legally and financially responsible. 

Terms commonly included in a DUI bail bond agreement are attendance at all mandated court dates and obedience to all laws. If you feel that your friend might forget to attend a court date, continue to drive under the influence or break any other term of the bail bond, you should not agree to go forward with posting it for them. 

Will your friend agree to addiction treatment?

Operating a motor vehicle while drinking or using another substance is often a sign of that your friend has an addiction problem. If you cannot be certain that your friend will agree to treatment for their addictive behavior, refusing to post their bond could be the most loving action you can take in this situation.

If you do decide to post the bail bond, you may want to take the opportunity to include treatment or counseling for addiction as one of the terms of the agreement. 

Can you financially afford to post the bond? 

Another important consideration is whether you can financially afford to post the bond. If your financial situation is tight, it is unwise for you to use money your household needs to post a bail bond for a friend. 

You should also refuse to put up any real estate or other valuables to secure a bail bond for your friend because of the risk it involves. Before agreeing to post a bail bond for anyone in your life, take time to discuss your concerns with a reputable bail bond agent in your area. 

To learn more, check out a bail bond agency's website.